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Microblading & Lashes Certification

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Get certified in eyebrow microblading & eyelash extensions

Microblading Certification

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Learn eyebrow microblading with our online course with certificate

Eyelash Extensions

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Learn eyelash extensions with our online course with certificate

Microblading Service

Eyebrow Microblading Service

What is microblading? It is a game changer for anyone who doesn’t want to hassle with filling in their eyebrows everyday. If you are tired of using a brow pencil and want perfected eyebrows then microblading is for you!

  • Last up to 2 years
  • Creates natural looking eyebrows
  • Perfected eyebrows shaped for your face

Microblading creates hair like strokes in your eyebrows. A manual pen and organic pigment are used to simulate real hair. This is not a tattoo so it is not permanent.

Products & Supplies

We offer a range of microblading and eyelash products to keep in you in practice. 

Everything you need to give your customers perfected eyebrows and flirty lashes. 

We use natural materials safe for the most sensitive skin. 

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