About Microblading

What is Microblading?

Microblading creates hair like strokes in your eyebrows. It is a semi permanent tattoo with results that can last up to 2 years. Very natural looking eyebrows can be created with microblading. We can also create instagram ready eyebrows and anything in between.

Each of our certified microblading technicans has had years of experience giving customers perfected brows. 

If you are tired of filling in your eyebrows everyday. Schedule and appointment to get your perfectly sculpted eyebrows. Call today!
Eyebrow Microblading Service

  • Microblading – natural looking eyebrows (1D/3D/6D/Nano)
  • Microshading/Powderfill – for a soft powder fill makeup effect
  • Hybrid/Combination- a combination of microblading & microshading
  • Ombre Brows– create a softly sculpted brow with 2 tones that fade from light to dark
  • Instagram Brow-instagram ready brows that are slightly darker in tone and perfectly sculpted; great makeup look
  • Micropigmentation-created a powderfill tattoo effect using a digital machine; results last longer than microblading and other options

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$499 1st Session/$199 Touch Ups
Eyebrow Microblading Service

  • natural looking eyebrow finish
  • great for normal to dry skin types
  • may require more touch ups


$599 1st Session/ $175 Touch Ups

  • soft make up filled effect
  • perfect for normal to oily skin types
  • requires touch up service

Hybrid/Combination Brows

$699 1st Session/ $249 Touch Ups
hybrid eyebrow microblading and microshading

  • fuller brow with hair strokes
  • great on all skin types
  • requires touch up service

Ombre Brows

$599 1st Session/ $175 Touch Ups
ombre brows

  • 2 tone brow fades light to dark
  • great with all skin types
  • requires touch up service

Instagram Eyebrows

$799 1st Session/ $299 Touch Ups
instagram ready eyebrows

  • stay ready with fuller sculpted brow
  • all skin types except sensitive
  • requires touch up service


$599 1st Session/ $199 Touch Ups
micropigmentation eyebrow

  • full brow with soft tattoo effect
  • great on all skin types
  • minimal touch up required

microblading healing
After Care

When you arrive home after your microblading service you will be instructed to clean the eyebrows with mild soap & water and pat them dry.

For the next week (5-7 days) you want to refrain from submerging the brows with water, makeup, and sweat. 

  1. Around the second week you may resume: cleaning the brows with mild soap & water, 
  2. pat them dry
  3. apply the ointment given to you at your appointment.

Healing Process

The healing process allows enought time for the pigment to naturally settle in your skin. Fortunately, there is no down time with mcroblading. It takes 7-14 days for the brows to heal over. You may experience some light scabbing durint this time. 

It takes 30 days to completely heal. Then, it’s time for your touch up service. 

**Please Note** 

For a few days it may appear that the microblading has disappeared, this is perfectly normal. The brows will come back!

Touch Up Service

Did you notice some uneven areas on your eyebrow microblading? This was not a mistake. It is time for your touch up service.

The touch up service is scheduled 4 to 8 weeks from your original microblading session. During this session we fill in any areas on your eyebrows that did not take the pigment. We can also make adjustment to the pigment color. 

Please note depending on your skin type and desired look of your eyebrows more touch ups may be needed.