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Earning Potential

How much money can you make with microblading?

According to Ziprecruiter the national average salary for a microblader is $77, 618 a year. 

Microblading technicians earn around $100 to $400 dollars an hour. They charge their customers anywhere from $250-$800 per service. The national average for a microblading service is $350. 

Break Down:

  • Annual $77,618
  • Monthly $6,468
  • Weekly    $1,617

Please keep in mind these figures are just averages. A new microblading artist may earn $100/hour while a more experienced microblader can earn $350 or more each hour. 

You choose how many clients you would like to service each day. If you chose to service up to 5 clients each day for 5 days a week you have the potential to earn $8,750 a week!

vacation pay

If you decide to vacation twice a year for 2 weeks each vacation you still have the potential to earn over $400,000 a year. 

What type of vacations would you take with that type of income? How could that improve you & your families lifestyle? How could that change your retirement income for your future?

Don’t wait! Now is the time to increase your income with a new career.

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